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Positive Feedback from the Pilot Testers

Following the completion of all the activities in our test regions, the feedback has been received from the youth triallists and it has been generally positive. This was an important step in the process of creating a viable Spiritual Tourism project for the market. The purpose of the pilot testing was to allow both the practitioners and participants to register feedback on the different activities, so that they can be marketed more successfully. It has been collected the results analysed by the Universidad de Girona.

The feedback has now been collected and testers finding the activities allowed them to experience a sense of spirituality and togetherness, both with the city and eachother. This means that the spiritual activities in the regions can successfully be marketed to groups as well as individuals, as those travelling alone will be able to form bonds with others participating in the activity. The activities also matched the initial criteria well, in particular allowing the testers to experience a sense of 'escape' from routine - particularly interesting here was the fact that the activities that most closely resembled 'classic' tourist activities were not viewed as favourably. 

The results will be used as part of our sustainability strategy which will plan for the continued availability of the information and best practices that Spirit Youth has collected throughout the project. 


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