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Travel to the Netherlands to participate in Spiritual Tourism Pilot Testing

We are still looking for young participants to take part in a free one-week pilot test in the Netherlands to experiment  activities related to Spirituality.

The Spirit Youth project is financed by the European program COSME and coordinated by NECSTOUR . It aims to develop a European transnational tourism itinerary for young people around the concept of Spiritual Tourism, understood in a global sense.

When : 24th to the 27th of  january  2017.

Where : in the Netherlands,  the hosting organisation will be Tourist Board South Limbourg.

Your stay program: The possbile activities linked to Spirituality can be seen here, and in the attached booklet. You can select your preferred activities to try. You will test spiritual activities about Nature, religious retreat, and common memory. You will then evaluate the activities through questionnaires and  write your impressions in a travel diary . Available activities will be: discovering natural places, monasteries, visiting historical places and feeling commemorative atmosphere…

Participant profile: You should be from 18 to 29 years old, live in the EU and be highly motivated by the project and the theme. Good communication skills in English are also mandatory, but that‘s all !

Modalities: Your participation in the project is free of charge: transport to and from the Netherlands, accommodation, food and  local transports for the activities are financed.
We only ask for a cheque of 150 € as a deposit to guarantee your participation in the project.

More info about  Spirit Youth and the 2 first successful  pilot tests in Spain and Italy which already involved 48 young people on :  



The website of the project :

If you are interested :   please contact Camille or Stéphanie from Eurocircle on this adress . We ll be glad to explain you how to participate, answer your questions, send you more info about the activities..

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