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Spirit Youth Newsletter

SPIRIT Youth have just released their first newsletter of the project - established by NECSTouR, the Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism -  to investigate the spiritual tourism market with Europe. In our first newsletter you can read about our research into spiritual tourism, how you can follow the project and how it is progressing so far. 

Defining Spiritual Tourism

Spiritual Tourism is a concept coined recently from an academic standpoint, probably because the word spiritual is difficult to define and this label can include different types of supply.  Spiritually motivated tourists are an emerging niche (Aulet, Vidal-Casellas, & Crous, 2015). According to the UNTWO, it is estimated that about 330 millions of tourists visit every year the main religious places, being the spiritual motivation one of the most important among them (Lanquar, 2007).

SPIRIT Youth Questionnaire Results

Our project of spiritual tourism in Europe for youngsters is now initiating, the partners collected information about youth tourism and youth interest into spirituality through market researches and surveys distributed among European youth. Our objective was to identify the specific needs and motivations of young people to travel, their travelling interest, their understanding of spirituality and their expectations about a spiritual tour.