Equotube SC; Italy

Project Role

Equotube: Entrepreneurial partner
Equotube is our second connection with Tourism SMEs. Their product, in the shape of a gift box, offers sustainable holidays, activities, accommodations and organic meals. This product responds to the increasing sensitivity towards the environment, healthy nutrition, and enhancement of local culture and rediscovery of local context, connecting communities, hosts and travellers, thus already sharing the core values of SPIRIT-Youth project.

Who are they?

Equotube (IT) has been the first organisation (and only) in Italy to realise a giftbox (that means a box containing a voucher for an experience) which offers sustainable holidays, activities, accommodations and organic meals. Every “EquoTube” product responds to the increasing sensitivity towards the environment, healthy nutrition, and enhancement of local culture and rediscovery of local context, connecting communities, hosts and travellers.


The cooperative “Equotube”, the lead applicant but also the initiator of the product “Equotube” in Italy, has been created by social entrepreneurs who have shared their experience to create something totally new. Travel organisers, marketing expert, environment expert, sustainable tourism project manager and webmaster have gather their knowledge to create “Equotube”. They have launched a cooperative called “Equotube” the same name of the product, in order to give a new look to sustainable tourism.


So far, Equotube has worked on 4 products: overnight staying in sustainable hospitality, organic food, activities and holidays in natural context (co-branding with WWF and Alpine Pearls). "Equotube" offers travel ideas, activities and culinary experiences to give alternatives to rediscover territories and cultures: "Experiences that become exchange between hosts and travelers." It is the first fully united and responsible of this kind.


A sustainable form of travel, where supply and demand meet in a project that tries to protect both and promote tourism in a responsible manner. The tube wants to be a gift idea innovative, useful, and fun experience to live or to give where is the approach to make a difference. The structures are selected on the basis of strict criteria (environmental sustainability, consumption and production techniques) favouring reality of a community and those who are inspired by the philosophy of "Km 0".


In Italy, the Equotube have been created in 2012 and have already been sold in 200 selling points. In two year, over 5.000 tubes have been sold. It is a very encouraging situation that proved the pertinence of our proposal.