By Kristin Corpuz Dec. The wait is almost unbearable, but Christmas is right around the corner — and you know what that means: It's time for the annual naughtty and nice gift exchange with your girlfriends!

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Perform IndexOf searches, save it to a database, or apply regular expressions.

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If you haven't used regular expressions before, you may want to take a few minutes to read about them. It could easily be extended to perform different actions on discovered s, or simply to search for different keywords. Matches body. Finally, the Nice?? event fires when everything is done based on the DoWork event handler completing.

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I struggled a bit with the best balance. He's making a list and checking it twice, Gonna find out who's naughty and nice, Santa Claus is coming to town. The [insert 'naughty' or 'nice here] ane, that is. While the initial link is being downloaded, a ProgressBar control goes into marquee mode think Knight Rider!

Can you be naughty and nice?

It's not perfect, but it works pretty well. One will be used to search for "nice" keywords, another for "naughty" keywords. This application will take a URL, scan it for a list of "naughty" and "nice" words, and come up with a score of niceness.

It was fun coming up with a naughty-or-nice formula! The WebClient has a of methods to download a file synchronously Roland IA cheating wives asynchronously, either as a string, a byte array, or directly to a file. Now that you're all grown up well, some of nauhgty anyway!

I know you've been good, but you're definitely going to take a ton of pictures when you and your besties open up your gifts.

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He has been coding since the fifth amd on various platforms, and also enjoys photography, nature, and spending time with his family. Creating a Regex object incurs some overhead, not only from object creation, but also from parsing the expression.

Using the Regex object is pretty easy, but coming up with the expression itself can be a challenge. This application uses the BackgroundWorker, WebClient, and works with regular expressions with the Regex object. You can download the Express editions for free from here.

Creating your Cn expression can be difficult, but you can often find pre-built ones online. But beware: s linked from the given URL will also be scanned and taken into.

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Unfortunately, the resulting match is always more than we actually want. For me, the choice was simple. If you have a better approach, by all means tweak it. Do not disturb.

Can you be naughty and nice?

In other words, the regular expression parser will scan the entire input string the downloaded HTML and add a Match object each time one of the words is found. Url ; lvi.

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On the other hand, it can also be performed in two lines of code using the System. Add ls. I won't judge, I promise. What does this mess jou Downlotring url ; Searching for Patterns Once you have the contents of the URL in a string, you can anything with it as with any other string. Monson 5.

Check the north pole's "official" list to see if you're naughty or nice - krdo

When you click the button to start things off, any work that you perform will occur on the user uou thread. Checking for the same base URL would be a pretty easy addition. This is the use of interest for this application. You won't get an error otherwise, it just won't appear to work right.

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Background An ancient Chinese proverb states that "The entries in your blog reveal your inner self. This updates the progress percentage, enables the Cancel button, and hides the progress bar. Unfortunately, regular expressions aren't very intuitive at first or ever for some people!

Can you be naughty and nice?

To minimize this, all three Regex objects are created when the application starts up. This returns a MatchCollection object for iteration. Asking for a friend.