Mi nombre, Hola. I'm just sharing this on my end. Making sure I put the right post.

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I forgot you're there with your grandma so Aaliyah camel let's see and the room.

Let's see Nancy Evan and Eve. Sleepy sleepy I'm sorry, Boys and girls William was.

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We're located at - two Avenue, Housewives seeking hot sex Buhler Kansas 67522 main library, one of the renovations right now we'll be having a bigger Department in the near couple of the next couple of months, so hopefully when we open back up, you guys can come visit us at Castillo and look at all the wonderful books that we have look at our new property, the art and poetry that we have in the My Spanish to give me one second.

No you guys might not not be able to the pronunciation of I mean the word Moo but the President a good job. Kano or.

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Clap Clap clap. On job guys. Oh I feel so relaxed. Oh cat doesn't say that.

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Good job Nancy Good job. White purple is the purple is the Brown. What animal is that.

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Scared Here. E po He.

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Can you guys at home safe? So in love. Bing Bing Weener.

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Married wife looking sex Bishop I'm gonna write the other Do you see how I wrote it in the comment section and we'll have or it can be in five hours. Li is a breaking news reporter for NBC News. Oh sorry. Three To be stay. David K. Could it be Could it be I don't know what animal has a long neck and it needs from the trees I know dinosaurs used to have long necks and eat this from the trees, but what animal in the zoo has a long neck and Hess leaves in the trees.

Nancy evident Evelyn yay with it.

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Thank you. I'm bored. Good job Eli Priscilla Good job The next one is oh. Let's see.

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And the tail and a big head. I'm gonna write in the comment section.

I'm not really bored so bored in Spanish, we say. Oh my God. Thank you Miss Barbara Gracias. He's Green or she is Green, she lived in the water and she has many teeth She also has a long tail. I'm sorry about that ,ooking going on.

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What can she be or what can he be? Remember guys to pronounce the words. Scared I you guys at home safe I give me a scared face, boys and girls. I'm White with black stripes. HM wow, Francis says it there so she wrote Tiger.

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iCty Grewal said in a statement early Wednesday that his office is leading the criminal investigation and any public statements will be issued by his office. So, Nancy says a pig.

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Okay you guys at home safe Ma. I'm in.

Guys are correct. More time.

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Nancy You spelled it wrong. Good job Yes, good job Mister Alexis.

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It's really a. Okay, I really appreciate it. It's with a B.